December 12, 2021

A Prayer in Response to the Recent Tornadoes

The tornado-caused devastation visited upon several states last night, but especially upon Kentucky, is almost beyond imagining. Although the Episcopal Church’s Book of Common Prayer provides prayers for myriad circumstances, no prayer found there seems to address the kind of tragedy our country experienced on December 12.

Since this is surely a time when prayer is indicated, I decided to write one. The collect below was written somewhat hurriedly, given the circumstances. It perhaps could be improved, but it should do for the moment. (David Green has already offered an improvement that I have incorporated.) Here is the prayer:

Mighty God of wind and rain, who created the earth and set it in motion, comfort those suffering from misfortunes we call natural and those we bring on ourselves, that they may restore their lives and experience the love of Christ Jesus our Lord who, with you and the Holy Spirit, reigns on high for ever and ever. Amen.

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