December 30, 2021

Schroeder Update 2

The cat I’ve named Schroeder continues to show up at my back door from time to time. (See my last post about him here.) Seldom do I see him on successive days. From time to time, however, I see Schroeder sitting a few feet away waiting for me to put out some cat food for him. I hope eventually to capture him, have him checked for a chip—I suspect he has none—and have him neutered. I doubt he is adoptable, but it’s hard to know for sure. He has let me pet him a bit, but he doesn’t seem crazy about that. I look outside often to see if Schroeder is around, but Linus spots him at least as often as I do.

Here’s the latest picture of my little friend:

Note: Schroeder’s story to date can be followed here.

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