February 3, 2022

A Schroeder Table of Contents

I have now written many posts about the cat I named Schroeder that I began feeding at my back door. For anyone who wants to read the entire story of Schroeder to date, I am providing a table of contents listing all my Schroeder posts.

Date Post Comments
11/12/2021 Schroeder Introducing the cat I have been feeding from time to time.
11/19/2021 Schroeder Update 1 Schroeder visits again. I took a nice portrait.
12/30/2021 Schroeder Update 2 Another nice photograph.
1/11/2022 Schroeder Update 3 I plan to trap Schroeder.
1/12/2022 Schroeder Update 4 I set the trap, but only after Schroeder left.
1/13/2022 Schroeder Update 5 (sort of) I trapped the wrong cat.
1/14/2022 Schroeder Update 6 (again, sort of) Ozzie (the wrong cat) goes home.
1/17/2022 Schroeder Update 7 Cat trapping resumes (unsuccessfully).
1/18/2022 Schroeder Update 8 (caught!) Schroeder is caught and ensconced at home.
1/20/2022 Schroeder Update 9 Schroeder gets improved living arrangements and an appointment with a vet.
1/25/2022 Schroeder Update 10 Schroeder gets fixed and is out of his cage.
2/3/2022 Schroeder Update 11 Schroeder settles in.
3/5/2022 Schroeder Update 12 Schroeder takes another trip to the vet.
6/29/2022 Schroeder Update 13 Schroeder gets the run of the house.
7/4/2022 Schroeder: A Cat Who Needs a New Home Schroeder is up for adoption.
8/24/2022 Schroeder Goes to His New Home Today The Schroeder story has a happy ending.

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