February 9, 2022

Celebrating 20 Years

Today I celebrate the 20th anniversary of this blog, Lionel Deimel’s Web Log. Twenty years ago, the term “blog” had not yet become common. I’ve chosen to leave well enough alone and not change the name. Nor have I changed the description “Random quick takes by Lionel Deimel.” Over the years, my posts became less quick and less short. Most of my really quick takes are now posted on Facebook, often in private groups to which I belong. Occasionally, I cross-post my Facebook commentary here.

My blog was inaugurated under the same philosophy as that of my Web site, Lionel Deimel’s Farrago. I write what interests me, and I don’t limit myself to any particular topic. This makes posts more fun to write, but it attracts fewer long-term readers. So be it.

Many of my posts have been about the trials, triumphs, and insights of ordinary life. For example, one of my first posts was “How Much Power Can It Take to Run a Map Light?” I have often used posts to call attention to my poems on my Web site. Occasionally, I have posted a poem not yet posted there and possibly still a draft. An example is “Happy Summer Day.” Politics has been the subject of a large number of posts, including this recent one: “Letter to Senator Joe Manchin.”

I suspect that I have written more posts about the Episcopal Church, its liturgies, and its politics than about any other subject. Although such posts are not of general interest, they sometimes attract more readers than my other essays. Episcopalians are passionate about things Episcopalian. Many such posts have chronicled and commented on the split between loyal Episcopalians and reactionary insurgents that resulted in the splitting up of the Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh. An example of a newsworthy post about the diocese is “Trinity Cathedral Casts Its Lot with TEC.” A sample liturgical (and rather wonky) post would be “Line Breaks in the BCP’s Rendering of the Nicene Creed.”

To date, I have published just under 1500 posts. This seems a good time to list some of my favorite posts. The list is chronological and might be different if I made the list tomorrow or thought about it for a month. (Note that some external links may not be current.)

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