February 3, 2022

Schroeder Update 11

 Schroeder has been settled in for a few days now. I have taken the cage and a blanket I was loaned back to the animal shelter. I bought a pad to put under the litter box, water bowl, and food bowl. The litter pan I purchased for the cage in which Schroeder was originally confined was technically made for kittens. Schroeder is definitely not a kitten. (The vet pegged him as two years old and just over nine pounds.) I replaced the pan with a much more commodious litter box. There is now much less litter on the floor. (I had been vacuuming a lot.)

Litter, food & water for Schroeder
Updated facilities for Schroeder

Schroeder continues to be a surprisingly laid-back cat. He spends much of his time in a cozy spot between the couch and a plant stand.

Schroeder’s favorite spot
Schroeder’s cozy spot. Stains on the carpet are from the flowerpot above.

Schroeder comes out immediately when I enter the room and readily accepts my petting him. He has shown no interest in toys, whether or not they contain catnip. I can pick him up, but he immediately jumps down when I try to put him on my lap. Good photos of the cat are hard to get because he is either in his favorite spot (see above) or very close to me.

Schroeder at my feet
Schroeder at my feet.

Note: Schroeder’s story to date can be followed here.

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