January 11, 2022

Schroeder Update 3

 I hadn’t seen Schroeder since my last post about him on December 30. He showed up today in 16-degree weather. I really am concerned about his ability to deal with the cold. I fed him as usual, and he ate with particular enthusiasm. 

My plan is to capture Schroeder eventually, have him checked for a chip, and, assuming that process does not point to a permanent home, have him neutered and sent on his way. He likely is not adoptable. I tried to grab him today—I had positioned gloves near the door to be used on such an occasion—but I was unsuccessful. He clearly did not want to be captured, and I did not want to be clawed or bitten. He fought me vigorously, but I didn’t let the contest continue beyond a moment or two.

I have arranged to pick up a trap tomorrow to be used in the attempt to capture the cat without damage to either of us.

Stay tuned for the next chapter in this story.

Note: Schroeder’s story to date can be followed here.

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