February 2, 2011

Announcements and Clarifications from the Diocese

Tonight, the Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh sent out an e-mail announcement explaining the agreement with St. Philip’s and the decision rendered today by the Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania. (See “Details of Commonwealth Court Ruling” and “St. Philip’s Update.”)

The e-mail announcements are short, so I won’t reproduce them on my blog. You can see the e-mail message here.

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  1. The news is a front page story in the February 3 edition of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Someone with some credentials really needs to write to the PPG editor about the pro-Duncan bias that is inherent in the "reporting" by Ann Rodgers. We have all seen the bias in prior articles, which has the effect of reinforcing the position of the Duncan crowd. The newest Rodgers' story continues to lend an appearance of validity to the Duncan party line. The opening statement that the ECUSA has won round two creates the subtle impression that a seven or ten round boxing match is underway. The uncritical reference to the First Amendment is dumb. The treatment of the decision as governing money only and not as a precedent for land defies logic Rodgers' use of the word 'liberal' as an epithet is tiresome. The quotation from Duncan's camp at the end is another slap at the ECUSA. The overall impression created by the article to all of the Anglican church group members is that they still have some rights in property, but for the dastardly deeds of the ECUSA. Rodgers continues to refuse to recognize that her reporting with approval of the Anglican position is tantamount to condoning theft.


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