February 27, 2011

No Anglican Covenant Coalition: Play Fair

The No Anglican Covenant Coalition has issued a press release dated February 28, 2011. (It’s five hours earlier in London than in Pittsburgh.) The title of the press release is “No Anglican Covenant Coalition Calls for Fair Process and Honest Debate.” It can be read here; it appears on the Resources page of the Coalition’s Web site here. (Disclosure: I am the Episcopal Church convenor for the Covenant.)

The Coalition points out that both the leadership of the Church of England and that of the Anglican Communion—those groups are not mutually exclusive—are working hard to see that grassroots support is built for adoption of the Anglican Covenant without the nuisance of allowing people to be exposed to contrary views. The Coalition cites one-sided material prepared for the Church of England’s General Synod debate last year, the criticism of groups for asserting their anti-Covenant views, the failure to provide balanced material to Church of England dioceses considering the Covenant, and the issuance of a study guide and Q&A document on the Covenant by the Anglican Communion Office that are pure advocacy for the Covenant.

The Coalition directs people interested in getting a broader view of the Covenant debate to its own Web site.

The press release concludes with a quotation from its moderator, the Rev. Dr. Lesley Fellows:
Diocesan synods in the Church of England deserve to hear all sides of the debate. We are not afraid of an open, fair, and honest debate. If the supporters of the Covenant had a stronger case, perhaps they wouldn’t be either.

No Anglican Covenant

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