February 7, 2011

A Covenant from New Zealand

The Rev. Bosco Peters, who runs the Liturgy blog in New Zealand, sent me e-mail about a recent post of his called “A Presbyterian Covenant.”

The post didn’t seem too interesting at first, since the “covenant” in question was simply the declaration of an individual Presbyterian congregation. On reflection, however, if the emphasis on individuals were extended to Anglican Communion churches and their people, “Our Covenant” of the Banks Peninsula Presbyterian Parish would not be such a bad covenant for the Anglican Communion to adopt:
We covenant to respect the diversity of belief among ourselves as together we grow in understanding of God and of our own lives.

Respect means that we will surround the other person with appreciation, seek to understand their point of view, and allow them to disagree.

This is the sort of Church we hope to be.

Feel welcome to join us!
That certainly describes the sort of fellowship I wish the Anglican Communion would be.

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