January 2, 2012

Running the Government Like a Business

With the Iowa caucuses taking place tomorrow, it becomes increasingly difficult to ignore that the political season is upon us.

One of the candidate claims we hear almost daily is that so-and-so will run the government as a business. Presumably, this is an attractive prospect for Republicans who believe, contrary to all evidence, that business is virtuous and government is evil.

There is every reason to believe that most candidates, Republican or Democratic, will, if elected, run the government like a business, that is, showing contempt for the customers while enriching themselves and their cronies.


  1. Two problems with the Republicans, they cannot get it clear that a government is not a church, and hey cannot seem to understand that a government is not a business.


  2. Certainly the part of government for which I work could be run more like a business. A prudent and attentive business leader would look carefully at what we do and try to make sure that it worked well for those whom we serve and that it is worth the money. But when the GOPers say this, they only want to destroy all public service without looking closely at why we ever did this work in the first place. They simply aren't worthy of trust. I really wish they were.

  3. Although I have lots of areas of agreement with RS, I don't think his use of cultural/moral themes as wedge issues is conducive to good health for the national dialogue generally--and I don't think it will lead him to a successful campaign in the primaries. It should though be helpful for Romney, since having a primary race with someone "to his right" will position him better for the general.

    Bruce Robison


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