April 25, 2012

Bumper Sticker Riposte

While driving home today, I saw a bumper sticker I had not seen before. It’s too bad I couldn’t put the obvious sign below it. Here is the bumper sticker and the sign I wanted to put below it:

You Can’t Be Catholic & Pro-Abortion bumper sticker

The Episcopal Church Welcomes You sign


  1. Actually if I read General Convention Resolutions aright, you can't be Episcopalian and "pro-abortion" either. Though you can be Episcopalian and be opposed to the criminalization of abortion. Don't know if that's the same thing . . . .

    Bruce Robison

  2. Well, the bumper sticker is really bogus. No one is actually pro-abortion. I think that even the most pro-choice people think that abortion is, at best, a necessary evil.

  3. Actually, no, I'm "pro abortion", like Katherine Ragsdale.

  4. If her comments are correctly reported, that abortion is in every circumstance a blessing, then she must be pro abortion.

    Kevin K.

  5. Does anyone really think the makers of the bumper sticker would be OK with changing it to read "You can't be Catholic and pro-choice". To religious extremists there is no difference between "pro-abortion (whatever that means) and "pro-choice". Lionel's point is well taken - We welcome people while anti-choice extremists seek to exclude.

    If the Episcopal Church ever becomes anti-choice, I am instantly gone. Thank God that is unlikely.

  6. I used to tease my politically liberal wife. When she would say she was pro choice I would thank her for supporting the right to private gun ownership.

    People typically are "pro choice" when comfortable with the choice being made.

    Kevin K


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