July 15, 2011

Arguments for the Covenant

I’ve just offered a challenge on Comprehensive Unity: The No Anglican Covenant Blog. In my post “Where are the best arguments for the Anglican Covenant?” I ask readers to identify the best arguments in favor of the Covenant and the essays where those arguments are advanced most effectively. As I explained in my post, solid arguments for the Covenant seem few and far between:
Although there have been many reasons advanced for scrapping the Covenant, reasons that have been carefully laid out and fully explored, arguments for the Covenant seem to rely on the notion that no one can think of anything else—the Covenant is the only way forward we are told—or on what can only be called naïve hopefulness.
I have even offered a prize. The person offering the best entry gets to say anything relevant and civil on the Coalition’s blog that he or she wants to say for one day. The winner could, of course, argue for or against the Covenant. Entries are to be made as comments to the blog post.

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  1. The Covenant is a great idea because it has given me something to blog about for nearly five years.


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