June 18, 2015

D022 Now on General Convention Web Site

When I first wrote about General Convention Resolution D022: Response to Anglican Covenant Process, the resolution, though approved for submission, was not yet on the list of all resolutions on the General Convention Web site. Apparently, it takes some time to process resolutions, getting them into the right format, assigning them to a legislative committee, etc. Today, however, the resolution has finally appeared. You can read the resolution on the General Convention site here.

Resolution D022 has, of course, been assigned to the Governance and Structure Committee, which will deal with the Covenant resolution from the Executive Committee, A040. That committee has a lot on its plate, including most of the resolutions from the Task Force for Reimagining The Episcopal Church (TREC). It will be a busy committee.

If you have not read my essay on dealing with the Anglican Covenant, “Time for a Definitive Response to the Anglican Covenant,” I invite you to do so now.

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