June 24, 2015

Links to General Convention Information

I have collected a number of links for those who want to follow the 78th General Convention of The Episcopal Church in Salt Lake City, Utah. Please offer corrections or additions in the comments, and I will modify this page.
Salt Lake City Date and Time

Background information
Current information
  • Episcopal News Service. Some General Convention stories will likely appear here, but many more stories will likely appear on the ENS blog.
  • The 78th General Convention. This is the home page for the General Convention. It contains many useful links, some of which are listed here.
  • General Convention Media Hub. Schedules and streaming video are available here.
  • Directory of the 78th General Convention. Gain access to an application called Guidebook that runs on computers, tablets, and phones. It includes schedules and other information particularly of interest to deputies. It will likely be helpful from those monitoring the convention remotely, however, particularly if you are doing so using your cell phone.
  • General Convention Resolutions. Check on the current status of all General Convention resolutions here.
  • House of Deputies News. This is a new site, edited by Jim Naughton, founder of Episcopal Café. It promises to capture the spirit of the convention.
  • Episcopal Café. This site is one of the best sources of information about The Episcopal Church, and it is a fair guess that a good deal of General Convention news will appear here, even if it does not appear first on Episcopal Café. You may want to go directly to stories tagged The Lead, which is where news stories appear.

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