June 2, 2015

Suet Feeder Update

A few weeks ago, I reported that my suet feeder had been robbed of its contents. (See “Squirrels 2, Humans 0.”) My response was to hang the feeder from the underside of the same deck from which my bird feeder is hung. This seemed reasonably protected from squirrels, and I was glad to see that the woodpeckers quickly found it.

This morning, the feeder was open, and the block of suet was nowhere to be found. My guess is that a deer is the culprit and may even have been the culprit last time. Today, I moved the feeder higher and secured its door with a yellow cable clamp. (See picture below.)

Unless there are wild primates around I am unaware of, I believe my suet feeder cannot be knocked down or opened. We shall see. I did shoo away a racoon last night who climbed one of the deck supports to get to the bird feeder. The racoon might be able to reach the suet feeder, though I don’t know what the animal might do with it.

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