May 10, 2016

Episcopal Journal: We Deserve Answers

I recently wrote about the lack of transparency regarding the firings at the Episcopal Church Center. (See “Thoughts about Presiding Bishop Michael Curry’s Investigation Update.”) Since then, no additional information has been forthcoming from church headquarters.

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No doubt, many Episcopalians are as frustrated as I about what happened at 815 Second Avenue. (In fact, the operation of the Episcopal Church Center is generally opaque.)

Under the circumstances, I was pleased to read an item (“From the Editor’s Desk”) in the May issue of Episcopal Journal. In it, editor Solange De Santis wrote that “[t]he letter announcing [the personnel actions taken by Presiding Bishop Michael Curry] was as notable for what it did not say as for what it did.” The piece concludes
Why should we have to rely on speculation? Episcopalians support the church’s main office with offerings and prayers. We would like to think that churchwide staff are working efficiently and upholding the principles of the denomination they serve. We deserve more substantive answers.
Perhaps Episcopalians should be emphasizing prayers over offerings.

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