May 22, 2016

Stop Donald Trump, Etc.

Readers may notice a few changes in the sidebar at the right. I removed the list of recent posts because the software that generated the titles no longer worked properly. You can always scroll down to see the most recent posts, of course, and you can also access a complete list of posts in the Blog Archive near the bottom of the sidebar. Remember that a similar list, along with information about each post is available in the blog Table of Contents. (See Links at the right.)

I have removed the Christian Diversity badge from the sidebar, not because I believe any less in Christian diversity, but because I needed the space for something more pressing. That more pressing need is to help elect a reasonable President of the United States.

The Republic might not survive a Donald J. Trump presidency. People of good sense and goodwill need to do everything in their power to prevent the catastrophe that would represent. In this spirit, I am displaying the graphic below, which will become a regular part of my blog’s sidebar.

Save the Republic. Stop Donald Trump.

I encourage readers to use this image freely on blogs, on Facebook, and elsewhere on the Web and off.

A design note: The text color in the above graphic was inspired by Mr. Trump’s hair. (Did you catch that?)

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