May 31, 2016

One More PPDI

For a long time, my Web site has contained a list of pluperfect digital invariants (PPDIs) in bases 2 through 10. Recently, I have been finding and posting PPDIs in larger bases. I just revised the list of base-11 PPDIs, fixing minor (mostly formatting) errors and adding an order-9 PPDI that had been omitted, namely,


which is 2,295,894,300 in decimal notation.

My page of PPDIs now lists PPDI in bases 2 through 12. I am certain of the correctness of PPDIs in the first 10 bases, but I still have to recheck the base-12 list to be sure no numbers were omitted.

No doubt, most readers have no idea what this post is about. I have written it just in case it is of interest to someone who finds my blog. In particular, if anyone is relying on my base-11 list, he or she needs to know that the number above is also a PPDI.

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