March 5, 2010

Blog Printing Problems

As noted in an update to my last post, I am having a problem printing blog posts from Firefox when the text is long enough to require the printing of multiple pages. I have had similar problems with Firefox’s printing from other sites, and I had developed a certain pride that my own Web pages did not manifest the problem. Well, you know what they say about pride.

My printing problem only showed up in the past few days, and it was unclear whether it had anything at all to do with the migration to a Blogger server. I have now discovered that the problem does not occur with all versions of Firefox. Firefox 3.5.8 running under Windows XP prints my blog pages just fine. I “upgraded” to Firefox 3.6 recently, however, and that version does not print long posts correctly. I now have to do what I have often done in the past when Firefox does not print correctly, namely, switch to Internet Explorer for printing. Internet Explorer has never manifested the same problem.

It is possible that there is a workaround that I could incorporate into the template I use for Lionel Deimel’s Web Log, but a modest research effort has not found one. In fact, the blog Blogger is using to guide customers through the migration process uses a template closely related to mine, and it, too, suffers printing abnormalities under some versions of Firefox. Rather than trying to outwit a misbehaving Firefox, I am going to spend my time on less frustrating projects.

If you have trouble printing one of my blog posts from Firefox, switch to Internet Explorer (or some other Web browser) and print from that application.

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