March 8, 2010

Migration Nearly Done

Blogger’s tool for migrating blogs to Blogger servers apparently did not take into account blogs whose home pages were given nonstandard names. The old name of my home page was blogger.htm, a bad choice on my part, though what seemed like an innocuous one when I created my blog eight years ago. Blogger renamed my home page to the more conventional index.html. After migration, if someone tried to reach the blogger.htm page, a “page not found” error was displayed. Blogger has not fixed this glitch in its tool, but I discovered a workaround.

Blogger allows me to specify a place to look if a requested file cannot be found. By specifying such a directory and placing a file named blogger.htm in it that redirects the visitor to the proper blog home page, I can now send visitors who tried to go to to the proper place.

Please note that the canonical address for Lionel Deimel’s Web Log is The address will work, probably indefinitely, but it will take you a moment longer to find the proper page with that address.

One still cannot reach the blog using URL This remains the only outstanding issue related to the blog’s migration to Blogger. This issue may or may not get resolved. I consider it only a minor matter.

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