March 31, 2010

National Poetry Month 2010

April is National Poetry Month, a good time to take a poet to lunch or to open that book of poetry sitting on your bookshelf. As usual, the Academy of American Poets is offering a poster for the occasion (click on the image below for a larger view):

National Poetry Month 2010 poster
Of course, I have a vested interest in April’s celebration, as I am a poet of sorts. I won’t quibble about what sort of poet I might be, but it is probably safe to say that my oeuvre is eclectic. You can read my poetry on Lionel Deimel’s Farrago.

Last year, I wrote a poem called “National Poetry Month 2009.” It’s hardly 2009-specific, however, so I recommend reading it to get you into the mood for 2010’s National Poetry Month.

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