March 5, 2010

Problem in Blogroll Listings

Someone pointed out to me that my blog’s home page cannot be reached from many blogrolls. This is because its address is coded there as, which used to be the address of the blog’s home page. (The blog could be reached at because the directory containing blogger.htm also contained a file, index.htm, that redirected to blogger.htm.)

The recent migration to a Blogger server changed the home page to the more standard index.html, but Blogger doesn't redirect to Because of this, clicking on the name of my blog on such a blogroll causes Blogger to display a “page not found” message.

Please be aware of this if you encounter a blogroll that does not link properly to this blog’s home page. (The link to the most recent post is likely to work, by the way.) If you have a blog with my site on a blogroll, you should edit my blog’s listing if you can.


  1. I've tried using

    all of which lead me to the page not found error page.

    I guess, for now, I'll just have to remember to use the current post and then click on your headline banner from there.

    Bit buggeredd, wot?

  2. Malcolm,

    Well, that is perplexing, though this may indicate a propagation delay across the Internet. Give it another try in the morning.

    Thanks for the feedback.


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