March 20, 2010

Well, Duh!

Anglican Journal ran a story a few days ago about resolutions being prepared for the upcoming General Synod of the Anglican Church of Canada. That story included the following:
Bishop Michael Ingham of the diocese of New Westminster gave notice that the [proposed Anglican Communion] Covenant “will not assist the churches to grow together in unity.” He said his diocesan council expressed concern that the Covenant could be used in a punitive way against member churches who have taken actions to which other provinces object.
Ya think? (The above paragraph concluded with this reminder: “Some churches in the diocese of New Westminster have been authorized to bless same-sex unions since 2003.)

No Anglican Covenant


  1. Lionel,

    My view is that the Anglican Covenant is a good thing for Anglicanism, though it may not be in this generation anyway something that we of the Episcopal Church will be able to participate in constructively. In any event, Michael Poon's recent and very fine essay relating the story of the Anglican Covenant in the context of evolving Anglican ecclesiology is an important contribution to the conversation. It's a scholarly work and takes a while to read. But worthwhile. Available in several formats, but most directly here:

    All best,


  2. Bruce,

    I saw Poon’s essay, but I was discouraged from reading it by its length (26 pages). I’m not likely to be reading it until I finish reading Tobias Haller’s book Reasonably and Holy.


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