May 4, 2010

Progress in Portugal

Blog comments sometimes alert readers (and bloggers) to developments they may have missed in other media. For example, a recent comment on this blog made me aware that Portugal may be very close to legalizing gay marriage, thereby joining European countries Spain, Belgium, the Netherlands, Norway, and Sweden. Details can be found in this April 28, 2010, story from On Top Magazine.

A gay marriage bill was passed by the Assembly of the Republic, but President
Anibal Cavaco Silva submitted a number of provisions of the bill to the Constitutional Court to determine if they were constitutional. The Court has said they are, and the President has 20 days to veto the bill or allow it to become law. According to On Top Magazine, the Assembly may have the votes to pass the bill over a veto by the President, who is Roman Catholic.

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  1. Hi Lionel!... My English isn't very good so... And I forget to search something in English to publish with the comment. Excuse me!!!...

    All you said is true, but with a litle development. President Office refused officially the news that he will effectiely veto the law... So, it seems that things couldn't be exactly as some press said. Here in Portugal is uncommon the President to veto a law that was passed by the Constitutional Court... It seems that he will pass the law with a message to the parleament. But it is true. The Prime Minister has the votes to pass the the bill over the President veto. The unique chance is that the President ask the Parties in the parleament to think on a referendum... But with our economic and social status nowadays I can't see something like that!... Thank you and good Evening!!!... I will update you certainly!...


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