May 28, 2010

Photos for 5/28/2010

Today, Rowan Williams issued another of his predictable pastoral letters. (Read it here on the Anglican Communion Web site along with the accompanying press release or here as a more readable PDF file without the press release.)

Under the circumstances, it seemed appropriate that a friend of mine would send me a couple of pictures this morning that I take to be commentary on the current state of the Anglican Communion. I leave it to my readers to figure out just what the commentary is saying. The photos are below. Click on either one for a larger view.

My friend obviously has a copy of Photoshop and time on his hands. He just sent me two more pictures. The meaning of these is less clear. (Again, click on an image for a larger view.)

Make of these images what you will.


  1. Great photoshopping. Love the expression.

  2. The photo at the Last Supper is a nice touch. Ditto the American Gothic. You're friend is very clever.

  3. Hi! Well... What can I say? Our word is becoming a bit strange... Well... But let's see... Don't worry so much about this... Fundamentalists expected a harder punishment of +++RW to TEC. They will find these one very soft...

    Of course the Anglican Communion as we know nowadays is clearly finished... And now, each Church is free to go on... Perharps the same for the proper CofE!...

    I suppose you will survive. When the Americans would find that the Tea Party is an illusion, TEC and othe liberal bodies would become the houses of faith for milions arround the USA. No doubt... It is a question of time... And now... Let's see... Try to join with Evangelical Lutheran or Church of Sweden or the Old Catholics... May be!...

    The photos are nice!... My favorite is the third one... The first with Photoshop... It says all!!!...

    Good Evening!...


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